School Visit

School Visit

Visit to 2 nd Primary School and Hienet Organization in Neo Faliro, Piraeus, .

During my project I also visited a primary school from our neighborhood. I wanted to know what the children aged between 7 and 12 know about the history and the mythology of their country. Therefore, I participated in some history and mythology lessons where we worked with different stories and found out which ones were the kids' favorite ones. The answer of the group was very positive and I managed to gather a lot of valuable information that helped me through the creation of this website.

Of course, for children it is always an exciting event to have someone different with them in the lesson. It motivates them a lot and they want to show all they know. I was impressed, some of them knew really a lot about the stories and the adventures of the different mythological characters.

One of the activities was also to read together some stories from their schoolbooks, which brought me closer to the idea that Greeks have about their own mythology. It is a good way to see the different points of view compared to other cultures, to see which things they emphasize or they try to avoid mentioning. In general one can see that Greek people are pretty proud of their ancient history, something quite logical!

I also got the opportunity to talk with some youngsters of my age from Hienet, a Non Governmental and Non Profit Organization in Neo Faliro that offers computer lessons to the people of the neighborhood and that helped me all way long during the realization of this project. Through these meetings I was able to collect very useful information about the structure of my website, about how to make it more nice and user-friendly for the young people that are (or might be) interested in this subject.

Now I can say I met very different people. On the one hand, people who are really interested in this subject, who have even linked their future plans with it. The conversations I had with them were really fruitful and gave me the answer to many questions I had about mythology and ancient history.

On the other hand, I met also the opposite kind of people: youngsters of my age who do not care that much about history and the adventures told in all the mythological stories. These talks were even more interesting for me, since I tried to understand what they did not like about these subjects. I got many typical comments such as "history and mythology are boring, computer games are much better!" and so on. To the question about if they had had any contact with mythology before, most of the answers were "no".

However, this will always surprise me, the fact that people are not interested at all in their own history. I know this from other people and other countries, and even from myself. For instance, I could tell you not even one myth from Germany, neither something about its early history (I will change this soon, don't worry). Mostly people have a general idea about their history because it is their own and they have heard a lot about it, because every day they get confronted with it somehow, but if you try to ask deeper, you will not get more than a few key dates.

All in all, these talks and lessons have taught me a lot and I hope that all this process will get more people interested in mythology and history, even if it is just a little. Otherwise, one day these people will find themselves facing history and mythology without not knowing so much about it and then they will start to be interested in this subject by their own initiative. This is something about what I am pretty sure, since the history and the knowledge from our ancestors help us to explain many things from today. Hopefully this website will be a way of going through all these easier.

Finally, for my visits to the school I would like to thank Dimitris Psoras and Olympia Milona, both teachers of the school. They made possible my contact with the children and supported me all the way during the lessons.














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