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A   Achelaos River god, he courts Deianeira.      
  Adonis Affair with Aphrodite.    
  Aello One of the Harpyien horrible stealers; child of Thaumantas and Elektra.    

Wife of Atreus.

  Agamemnon Husband of Klymneistra; army commander in the Trojan War.    
  Agaue Daughter of Harmonia and Kadmos.



King of Tyros; father of Europa.    
  Aigisthos Son of Thyestes.    
  Aietes Son of  Helios; king of  Kytaia.    
  Aigeus King of Athens.    


King of  Salamis, Greek hero in Troy.    
  Aiakos Father of Pelops.    
  Aiolos Wind demon.    
  Aison Brother of Pelias; father of Jason.    
  Aithra Daughter of Pittheus.    
  Akastos Son of the king Pelias.    
  Akrisios King of Argos; uncle of Lynekeus, Grandfather of Perseus.    
  Alekto One of the Erinyen Gods that rule over the conscience.    
  Alkinoos King of the Phaeaken.    
  Alkmene Mother of Heracles; granddaughter of  Perseus.    


Pleiaden child of Atlas and Pleione.    
  Amalthea Goat that breastfed Zeus.    
  Amphitrite Daughter of Nereus; wife of Poseidon.

  Amphitryon Thebaner; husband of Alkmene.    
  Amykos King of the Bebryken.    
  Andromache Prisoner from Troy.    
  Andromeda Daughter of Kepheus.    
  Antaros Giant.    
  Antigone Daughter of Oedipus.    
  Antilochos Son of Nestor.    
  Antinos Suitor of Penelope.    
  Aphrodite Daughter of Uranos.    
  Apollon Son of Zeus and Leto; God of music; owner of the Oracle of Delphi.    
  Achilles Hero; son of Peleus.    
  Ares God of War.    
  Argo Architect of the boat "Argo" from the Argonauts.    
  Ariadne Daughter of Minos and Pasiphae; wife of Thesseus.    
  Artemis God of the moon and the hunting.    
  Artemis Twin of Apollo.    
  Artriden Descendants of Tantalos.    
  Asklepios God of the art of healing.    
  Asarakos Son of Erichthonios.    
  Asteria Titan; child of Koios and Phoibe.    
  Asterope Pleiaden; child of Atlas and Pleione.    
  Astraios Titan; child of  Kreios and Eurybia.    
  Athena Wise God of war.    
  Atlas Titan; holds the sky.    
  Atreus Son of Pelops; descendant of the Atriden; father of Agamemnon and Menelaos.    
  Atropos Moiren; child of  Themis and Zeus.    
  Augias King of Elis.    
  Autonoe Daughter of Harmonia and Kadmos.    
  Bateia Wife of Dardanos.    
  Bathos Shepherd.    
  Chaos First God.    
  Charon Ferryman of the underworld.

  Chione Nymph; mother of  Priapos.    
  Chiron Centaur; he raised up a lot of Heroes.    
  Chryseis Daughter of a Trojan priest.    
  Chrysippos Son of Pelops.    

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  Daidalos Inventor; inventor of the labyrinth of the Minotaur.    
  Danae Daughter of Akrisios.    
  Daphne Nymph; desired by Apollo.    
  Dardanos Son of Zeus.    
  Deianeira Daughter of Oineus; second wife of Heracles.    
  Deimos Child of Ares and Aphrodite.    
  Demeter Goddess of fertility.    
  Deukalion Son of Prometheus.    
  Deukialon First Human.    
  Dike Horen; child of Themis and Zeus.    
  Diktys Shepherd in Seriphos.    
  Diomedes Hero; son of Tydeus.    
  Dione Mistress of Zeus.    
  Dionysos God of the Wine .    
  Dodona Oracle place.    
  Doris Mother of Amphitrite.    
  Eileithyia Daughter of Zeus and Hera.    
  Eirene (peace) Horen; child of Themis and Zeus.    
  Elektra Daughter of Agamemnon and Klytaimnestra.    
  Elektra Océaniden; mother of Iris; daughter of Atlas and Pleione.    
  Eos (eyes) Titan; child of Hyperion and Theia; brother of Helios.    
  Epimetheus Titan; child of Iaptos and Klymene, brother of Prometheus.    
  Epione Wife of  Asklepios.    
  Erebos Child of Chaos.    
  Erginos King.    
  Erichthonios Inventor; son of Hephaistos and Athene.    
  Eris Child of the Night; Goddess of discord.    
  Eros God of love; son of Aphrodite and Ares.    
  Eteokles Son of Oedipus.    
  Ether Child of the Night.    
  Eunomia Horen; child of Themis and Zeus.    
  Eunomia (law) Horen.    
  Euribia Descendants of Gaia and Pontos.    
  Europa Daughter of Agenor.    
  Euryale Gorgonen; child of Phorkes and Ketocame.    
  Eurybia Titan; daughter of Gaia and Pontos.    
  Eurydike Wife of Orpheus.    
  Eurymachos Suitor of  Penelope.    
  Eurystheus Uncle of Perseus.    
  Eurytos King of Euböa.    
  Gaia Mother earth.    
  Ganymedes Son of  Erichthonios.    
  Gergones Monster with three heads.    
  Giants Terrible monsters.    
  Glauke Daughter of Kreon.    
  Graien (Greisen) Child of  Phorkes and Ketocame.    

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  Hades God of the underworld; brother of Zeus.    
  Haimon Son of Kreon.    
  Harmonia Child of Ares and Aphrodite.    
  Harpyien Bird of prey.    
  Hekabe Mother of Paris and Hector.    
  Hektor Hero of the Trojans; son of Priamos.    
  Helena Wife of Menelaos.    
  Helenos Husband of Andromache.    
  Helenos Trojan prophet.    
  Heliaden Brothers and Sisters of Phaethon.    
  Helios Titan; child of Hyperion and Theia, God of the sun.    
  Helle Child of Nephele.    
  Hephaistos God of fire.    
  Hera Wife and sister of Zeus; goddess of the marriage.    
  Herakles Hero; son of Alkmene and Zeus.    
  Herakles Hero; he did the 12 tasks of Eurystheus.    
  Hermes Postman of the Gods.    
  Hermes God of the thieves and traders.    
  Hermione Daughter of Menelaos.    
  Hesoine Daughter of  Laomedon; sister of Priamos.    
  Hespriden Children of the night; daughters of Atlas.    
  Hestia Goddess of the house.    
  Hippodameia Daughter of Oinomaos; wife of Pelops.    
  Hippokrates Descendant of Asklepios; heeler.    
  Hippolyte Princess of the Amazonen; wife of Thesseus.    
  Hippolytos Son of Theseus.    
  Homer Poet.    
  Horen Children of Zeus and Themis.    
  Hyakinthos Youngster.    
  Hygieia Daughter of Asklepios.    
  Hylas Friend of Heracles .    
  Hyllos Son of  Heracles.    
  Hyperion Titan; father of Helios.    
  Iapetos Titan; child of Uranus and Gaia.    
  Idaia Nymph; mother of Teukros.    
  Idomeneus King of Crete.    
  Ikaros Son of Daidalos.    
  Ilos Son of Erichthonios; founder of Troy.    
  Ino Daughter of Harmonia and Kadmos.    
  Iokaste Mother of Edipus; descendant of the sown men.    
  Iphigeneia Sister of Orest.    
  Iphigenie Daughter of Klytaimnestra and Agamemnon.    
  Iphitos Best friend of Heracles.    
  Iris Daughter of the Océaniden Thaumantas with Elektra    
  Jason Argonaute son of Aison.    
  Jolaos Nephew of Heracles.

  Jole Daughter of Eurytos.    

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  Kadmos King of the Thebans; son of Harmonia.    
  Kadmos Son of Agenor; founder of Theba.    
  Kalchas Prophet.    
  Kalliope Child of Apollo.    
  Kalliope Patron of the epic poetry.    
  Kalypso Lover of the Nymph Odysseus.    
  Kassiopeia Mother of Andromeda.    
  Kastor Son of Zeus.    
  Kelaino Pleiad; son of Atlas and Pleione.    

King of Eleusis.

  Kepheus Father of Andromeda; king of the Phoenician.    
  Kerberos Dog of hell.    
  Keto Descendant of Gaia and Pontos.    
  Kilix Son of Agenor.    
  Kimon Politician of Athens.    
  Kirke Sorceress; daughter of Helios.

  Kirke Daughter of Helios; Sister of Aietes.    
  Klotho Moiren; son of Themis and Zeus.    
  Klymene Okeanide, mother of Phaeton.    
  Klymene Daughter of Oceanus and Tithys.    
  Klytaimnestra Wife of Agam.    
  King Tyndareos Stepfather of Helena.    
  Koios Titan.    
  Kokalos King of Sicily.    
  Kore Daughter of Demter and Zeus.    

Lover of Apollo; mother of Asklepios.

  Kreios Titan.    
  Kreon Brother of Atreus.    
  Kreon King of Theba.    
  Kreon Brother of Iokaste.    
  Kronos Son of Uranus.    
  Kronos Giant; son of Gaia.    
  Kureten Deities of the nature.    
  Kyklopen Giants.    
  Kyrene Nymphe.    
  Lachesis Moiren; child of Themis and Zeus.    
  Laios Husband of Iokaste.    
  Laomedon King of Troy.    
  Laomedon Son of Ilos.    
  Leba Mother of Helena.    
  Leto Lover of Zeus.    
  Letos Titan; child of Koios and Phoibe.    
  Libya Mother of Telephaessa.    
  Lotophagen People of the north of Africa.    
  Lykomedes King of the island of Skyros.    
  Lynkeus Son of Asklepios; doctor.    
  Maia Daughter of Atlas.    
  Maia Pléiade; daughter of Atlas and Pleione.    
  Maia Nymphe; mother of Hermes.    
  Marsyas Satyre.    
  Medea Daughter of a king.    
  Medusa Monster with snakes on its head.    
  Medusa Gorgone, terrible monster.    
  Medusa Gorgone, child of Phorkes and Ketocame.    
  Megaira Erinyen; deities that rule over the conscience.    
  Megapenthes King of Argos.    
  Megara Daughter of Kreon; wife of Heracles.    
  Menelaos Brother of Agamemnon.    
  Menelaos Husband of Helena.    
  Menooitios Titan; child of Iapetos and Klymene.    
  Merope Pleiad; child of Atlas and Pleione.    
  Metis Titan.    
  Metis Nymphe.    
  Minos Son of Europa.    
  Minotaur Monster half bull half man.    
  Moiren Children of the Night.    

Son of Andromache and Neoptolemos.

  Muses Goddesses of Art and Science.    
  Myrtilos Driver of Oinomaos.    

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  Neoptolemos Son  of Achilles.    
  Nephele Wife of the king of Boeotia.    
  Nereids Goddesses of the Sea; 50 daughters of Nereus and Doris.    
  Nereus River God.    
  Nereus Descendant of Gaia and Pontos.    
  Nessos Centaur.    
  Nestor Hero.    
  Nikepte Daughter of Pelops; one of the Atrids.    
  Nikippe Wife of Stehnelaos; daughter of Pelops.    
  Niobe Daughter of Tantalos.    

Nyx (night)

Child of Chaos.    
  Odysseus Hero.    
  Odysseus Intelligent.    
  Oedipus King of Theba.    
  Oineus King.    
  Oinomaos King of Pisa.    
  Okeanos Brother of Heliosl; titan.    
  Okeanos Titan; father of the Okeanids.    
  Okypetis One of the Harpyes, terrible stealers children of Thaumantas and Elektra .    
  Omphale King of Lydia.    
  Orest Son of Agamemnon and Klytaimnestra.    
  Orest Son of Agamemnon.    
  Orpheus Son of Apollo.    
  Orpheus Musician.    
  Orpheus Son of Apollo and Kalliope.    
  Palamedes King of Euboea.    
  Pallantas Titan; son of Kreios and Eurybia.    
  Pan God of panic.    
  Pan Son of Hermes.    
  Pandareos Stealer of the golden dog that guarded Zeus as a child.    
  Pandora Woman created by Hephaistos.    
  Paris Son of Priamos.    
  Paris Son of Priamos.    
  Pasiphae Wife of Minos,; daughter of Helios.    
  Patrokolos Friend of Achilles.    
  Pegasos Winged horse.    
  Peisthenes Son of Pelops; one of the Atrids.    
  Peleus Father of Perseus.    
  Peleus Father of Achilles.    
  Pelias King of Thessalia.    
  Pelops Son of Tantalos.    
  Pelops Son of Tantalos.    
  Penelope Wife of Odysseus.    
  Perdix Nephew of Daidalos.    
  Periphetes Thief.    
  Persephone Daughter of Demeter and Zeus.    
  Perses Titan; child of Kreios and Eurybia.    
  Perseus Hero.    
  Perseus Son of Zeus and Danae.    
  Peuke Nymphe.    

Daughter of Minos and Pasiphae; wife of Thesseus.

  Phaethon Son of Helios.    
  Philoktetes Trojan hero.    
  Phineus King of Bithynia.    

Brother of Kepheus.


Son of Ares and Aphrodite.

  Phoenix Son of Agenor.    
  Phoibe Titan.    

Descendant of Gaia and Pontos.


Son of Nephele.

  Phyleus Son of Augias.    
  Pittheus Grandfather of Thesseus.

  Pittheus King of Troizen.    
  Pleione Wife of Atlas.    
  Pleisthenes Son of Atreus.    
  Pluto Lover of Zeus; mother of Tantalos.    

Son of Asklepios; doctor.

  Pollux Son of Zeus.    
  Polybos King of Corinth.    
  Polydektes Brother of Diktys; king of Seriphos.    
  Polydoros Son of Harmonia and Kadmos.    
  Polyneikes Brother of Antigone.    
  Polyneikes Son of Edipus.    
  Polyphem Single-eyed giant.    

God of the Sea.

  Priamos Son of Laomedon; king  of Troy; father of Hector and Paris.    
  Priamos King of Troy.    
  Priapos Son of Dionysos.    
  Prokrustes Thief.    
  Prometheus Giant.    
  Prometheus Titan; son of I and K.    
  Psyche Lover of Eros.    


Friend of Orest; king of Phokis.    
  Pyrrha Wife of Deukalion.    
  Pyrrha First human.    
  Pythia Priestress of Delphi.    
  Python Dragon in Delphi.    
  Rhadamanthys Son of Europa.    
  Rhadamanthys Lawer of Hades.    
  Rhea Titan; wife of Kronus.    
  Rhea Titan; wife of Kronus.    
  Sarpedon Son of Europa.    
  Selene Titan; child of Hyperion and Theia.    
  Semele Mother of Dionysos.    

Daughter of Harmonia and Kadmos.

  Semele Mother of Dionysos.    
  Sinis Thief.    
  Sirens Singing creatures.    
  Skamandros River God; father of Teukros.    
  Skiron Thief.    
  Sphinx Creature at the doors of Theba; it set enigmas and ate people.    
  Stehenelos King of Mycenae.    
  Sthenno Gorgone; child of Phorkes and Ketocame.    
  Styx River of the underworld.    

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  Tantalos Son of Zeus.

  Taygete Pleiaden; child of Atlas and Pleione.    
  Teiresias Prophet.    

Son of Odysseus and Kirke.

  Telemach Son of Odysseus.    

Wife of Agenor; daughter of Poseidon.


King of Teuthrania; son of Herakles.

  Termeros Giant.    
  Teukros Daughter of Teuker; son of the river God Skamandros.

  Thaos King of Tauris (Krim)    

Okeaniden; father of Iris.

  Thaumantas Descendant of Gaia and Pontos.    

Titan; mother of Helios.

  Theia Titan.    
  Themis Goddess.


Goddess of justice.


Son of Aigeus.


King of Athens.


King of Epirus.

  Thetis Nymphe; raises Hephaistos.    
  Thetis Nymphe; mother of Achilles.


Son of Nestro.


One of the Harpyien horrible stealers; son of Thaumantas with Elektra.

  Thyestes Brother of Atreus.    
  Thyestes Son of Pelops.    
  Thyestes Son of Pelops; one fo the Atrids.    
  Tisiphone One of the Erinyen Gods that rule over the conscience.    
  Titans Children of Gaia and Uranus.

  Tithys Titan; mother of the Okeaniden.    
  Tydeus Father of Diomedes; hero.

  Tyndareos Father of Klymnestra.    
  Tyndareos King of Sparta.    
  Typhon Terrible monster.    
  Uranos Father of the Gods.    
  Uranos The sky.    
  Zagreus Son of Zeus.    

Son of Persephone.

  Zephyrs Western wind.



Dog of Hell.    
  Zeus The most powerful God.    















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