Trojan War



The beginning
The first 9 years
The decission


Before the war

A well-known city in the Asian coast was once the most powerful city of the time: Troy. Also known as Ilion because of its founder, Troy is located in the hilly area between the mountain of Ida and the Hellespont sea, watered by the rivers Simoeis and Skamandros.

A short retrospective: Troy used to be the land of the Teukrers and their King Teukros, son of the river God Skamandros and the nymph Idaia. Teukros took a son of Zeus, Dardanos, and married him with his daughter Bateia. The son of the new couple, Erichthonios, had three sons: Assarakos, Ganymedes and Ilos.

The last of the brothers won once a color stained cow in a competition, and the Oracle told him that he should built a city there where the cow decided to set down. So he did, therefore founding the city of Ilion or Troy. Around the city he constructed a protection wall, which his son Laomedon made higher with the help of the Gods Poseidon and Apollo.


Troy is without doubt the quintessence of the Ancient World, the scene of many tough battles. Besides, in contrast with other mythological stories, Troy has a real background. Troy existed. In fact, nine different Troys were built one the top of each other, and the seventh legendary Troy and its war were as real as modern history. Of course, the myths and stories of Ilion do not point to completely true events, since time has add some things. However, the core of the story it is based in a historical war, a war that kept all citizens of that time in suspense.

It was politics and power that brought the city to such a war. Let's see how all began.

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