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Welcome to the historical part of this website!

In this part of the website you will find information mainly about the history of Ancient Greece and the regions that were once belonging to it or directly related to it: North of Africa, Italy, France and even India.

History and mythology are closely related. Mythology tells us stories that are somehow similar to those that truly happened. This makes it possible to get a slight idea of some events that occurred in the Ancient times, as for instance the Trojan war, one of the most important mythological stories. In fact, some findings prove that there was really an armed conflict around the year 1300 b.C., and names as Minos, Agamemnon and Theseus might be really related to powerful personalities of the time.

Unfortunately, there are no many findings that can show the way of life during the period comprised from the origin of the first cultures around the year 9000 b.C. until the beginning of the Minoan culture. The first revealing findings that tell us about the culture, the rituals and the life style are from the golden years of the Minoans. The Dark Age is not named like this in vane: from this time as much as nothing has been found. From this date come the Homeric Epics, although they have parts from other authors. With the creation of the city-states and the colonization, new cultures were born that were not so different from today's'.

After it was the time of the migrations, during which many nations traveled up an down fighting to maintain and extent their territories. The power was taken by different people quite often, some kept it for a long time, others for didn't. With the intervention of Macedonia Ancient Greece managed to extend its territories until India. The end of its world, however, arrived with the rise of the Roman Empire. After, Greece suffered again a lot with the conquest by Turkey, from which it finally got free at the beginning of the last century.

Personally, I find history very interesting, among other things, because it allows you to better understand the present. Unfortunately, most of the times this history is dictated by the ambition of power and humanity does not seem to learn from it.

To know a little bit more about the Greek history, have a look at the following pages. I hope you will enjoy it!

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