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But already quite after, around 1600 BC in the lately Minoan time the Cretans started to rebuild their palaces and even more, they build Knossos, Phaistos, Tylissos, Gournia and Hagia Triada more beautiful and magnificent, with more elegance and developed architecture. During this time were the most building activities on Crete throughout stimulus and develop of art this time is also said as the golden ages.  

The palaces were rebuilt on the ruins of the old ones, and Knossos stood out as the biggest one. It was a three floor high building with an area of more than 20.000 m2. To the palace belonged three kind of buildings:

  •  The living-rooms of the king and their family, to which belonged also the administration rooms, the throne room and some centre of cult worship.

  •  The second group with the rooms for accountancy, with a library of scrip slaps and a register.

  •  As third group workshops and material stocks in which were found a lot of ceramics, goldsmith, fresco paintings till to weaver.

All the palaces didn't had fortifications, it seems to be that the citizen felt quite save, the complex of buildings were build around a central assembly point where more than 30.000 citizens were living. Who was the king at this time you cannot say anymore today, but it is said that the role of the woman was quite developed. They developed also their own letters the linear B scripts and had a big influence not only in the Aegean area, even in north Africa , Mesopotamia till Italy.

Around 1450 BC with the volcanic eruption in Thira or also Santorini, came up the quite quick end of the Cretan culture. It seems it was a really big explosion and drove a huge tidal wave along in front of it, and destroyed the whole Cretan fleet. The sky kept being dark for more than weeks and it was raining ash. All the palaces got destroyed and nearly all also deserted.

In some places like Hagia Triada or also Knossos they found tracks which showed that there was a settlement till 1190 BC. It seems that Knossos was the only palace where remained some more citizens. The Mycenaean's conquered the Island and took over the ruler ship also pirates entered and pillage the island several times between 1300-1200 BC. Since that the Minoan culture is history and never could reach again the glory of the old times. Now it was the time of other cultures, and we will have a look on the mainland of Greece, more precise to the Peleponnese and the Mycenaean's which developed another kind of advanced civilization.

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