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Here I want to say a deeply thanx for all the people who support me in any way and let me made possible this page.....without THEM I would still stand in the beginning.

First of all I would like to thank Dimitris Psoras, who supported me with a lot of Energy, Technical support and very helpful tips and advices and lead me through my two years stay in Greece. Without him I think, I would still not even know what is a Computer or even Future Capital. He opened me the door for many many possibilities here in Greece and for the rest of my life. I wish him the best for the future and that he will find somebody serious he can realize his very nice plans for the future. He will always have a house in Berlin. Thanx

I also would like to say a enormous big thanx to Virginia Renalias. She helped me a lot with Translation,  not to get lost in the plenty of different files I had and to fix the page to this what it is now. She spent many hours of her free time putting her mind in my Web-page, a lot of courage, soo much that I even got a bad feeling and I had to stop her sometimes.

Also I would like to thanx my parents Helga & Frank. Even if I made their life sometimes more difficult and stressful they always supported me in my ideas and stood behind me. They are great person and I am really happy to have them. I Love you!!!

Also I would like to thanx Olympia Milona who spend time and energy in correcting a big part of the Greek texts. It was really hard I know, my Greek is not the best, but she had a lot of passion and kept reading till the end. Thanx a lot.

I want to thank the National Agency of Greece for their support.














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